Data Centers & Cooling Towers: A Partnership to Boost Efficiency

The number of data centers in the United States continues to grow in response to the enormous amount of digital information stored and streamed. The massive computer power within these data centers generates heat, making efficient cooling a key building system requirement. Evaporative cooling towers are an integral part of many data center cooling systems.

Recently some have questioned the use of cooling towers, citing water scarcity to bolster their arguments. But a thorough examination of water use for local onsite cooling towers compared to water use to generate power at regional fossil fuel power plants reveals surprising results.

Data center cooling options

There are multiple ways to cool data centers, depending on the size, computer capacity that must be cooled, regional energy costs and the data load and density. Popular options include:

  • Water-cooled chiller plant – includes chiller system, pumps, cooling tower and plate/frame heat exchanger in series with the chiller