Cooling Tower Gearboxes Evolve to Address Customer Requirements

Industries requiring process heat rejection often use field-erected cooling towers to keep pace with their heat load. Cooling towers have large fans and powerful motors, presenting a host of challenges, including excessive sound, vibration and expense. Gearboxes are employed to address these challenges.

Gearboxes Play a Key Role to Multiply Torque

Gearboxes are used as speed reducers to slow the rotational speed from the incoming motor to the outgoing fan of a cooling tower. Companies operating high-capacity production plants, such as those in the chemical process and power industries, require cooling towers with large amounts of heat rejection capacity.

Without gearbox technology, cooling tower motors would be massive to directly handle the torque required by the fan. Something so large and heavy would be too expensive and impractical. Instead, the speed reduction from the gearbox acts as a torque multiplier, keeping the motor a reasonable size and the overall mechanical system more cost-effective.